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Martin Rucker



Martin Rucker is a 22yr Banking and Financial Industry Professional. He has extensive experience in the area of sales, business development, operational management, relationship management and innovative banking and real estate finance processes. Martin is also well versed in the area of music production and business development management. He developed an affinity for the music industry at an early age playing trombone for seven years in a marching and symphonic band setting. He has business developed and managed several music industry professionals while working alongside many key music industry executives. Currently he manages a professional singer and professional music writer. In addition to his love for music and the arts, he also has a love for sports. He is an avid tennis player and fan of mostly all collegiate and professional sporting spectacles.

Martin’s vision and goal is to keep instrumental music in the public school system. Martin wants to use the power of fine arts to help increase college scholarship opportunities for low to moderate income students. In addition, Martin wants to incorporate new musical technology in public school system music programs so that students will have an opportunity to explore an expanded curriculum in music production and engineering.Martin hails from the Washington GA area and has a BS from Albany State University.


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