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Shay Tyler 



Mr. Shay Tyler is the CEO of Marching To Harmony, Inc., a non-profit organization that primary focus is to keep the art form of instrumental music alive in the public schools. Along with running Marching To Harmony, Inc. Mr. Tyler is also a 13 year veteran Special Education Teacher, with a Masters in Secondary Education with a concentration in reading.


As the CEO of Marching To Harmony, Inc. Mr. Tyler is responsible for handling the executive responsibilities and duties along with the executive staff on a daily basis. Mr.Tyler track record of dedication and philanthropy to the Metro Area of Atlanta public schools children as well as music programs is proven. Mr. Tyler mentors students at his school in Dekalb County as well as have sponsored battle of the bands performances where the schools were able to keep a percentage of their ticket sales in an effort to raise money for their music programs.

Mr. Tyler developed a passion for music at a young age growing up in New Orleans Louisiana. Joining the marching band while in high school has developed a forever lasting love with music and everything dealing with music. He passed that passion on to his daughter who was also in a high school marching band. Mr. Tyler funded and chaperoned countless engagements his daughter’s band participated in. After his daughter graduated and started college he has turned his efforts back to the Metro Area of Atlanta instrumental music programs. Mr. Tyler looks forwards to continuing his efforts to keep music alive in Atlanta Metro Area Public Schools.


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